If your pet has fleas, you have fleas—many you can’t even see. But stopping an infestation doesn’t stop with treating your pet. Fleas and their unhatched eggs could be hiding in your carpet, floor crevices, patio and landscaping. We’ll help show you how to stop a flea infestation: Treat your pet, home and yard to fight fleas from fur to fence.

Fur first.

The first step toward a flea solution is to treat your pet. And if you have more than one, treat them all. In an infestation, if one pet in your home has fleas, assume they all have fleas. The following options can help you effectively treat your pets.

Reclaim your domain.

Fleas on your pet means fleas are probably in your home, too. So, to help stop a flea infestation, treat your home. Start cleaning, and be thorough. Try some of these tips to help rid your home of fleas.

  • Vacuum floors, carpets, area rugs and furniture
  • Throw vacuum bags away or empty vacuum canisters outside in the trash
  • Wash pet bedding, including covers and inserts, in hot water
  • Wash your family bedding in hot water
  • Wash bathroom rugs and throw blankets—any places your pet likes to sleep or lounge

Once you’ve really cleaned, try these options to treat for fleas.

  • Use a spray labeled for flea treatment on upholstery, furniture and crevices
  • Fog your home: Choose a fogger that kills multiple flea life stages, and always follow label directions

Prevail over your perimeter.

Every yard is vulnerable to fleas, which means your pet and home are, too. Wildlife and other people’s pets can drop flea eggs in your yard as they pass through.

Long grass and overgrown foliage protect fleas from sunlight, so be sure to keep them trimmed.

  • Mow your lawn
  • Prune foliage
  • Clear up clippings and yard waste

The more items you have in your yard, the more flea hiding spots you provide.

  • Discard empty bird or rodent nests
  • Remove stacks of bricks, logs or unused garden pots
  • Pick up pets’ and children’s toys

Choose a premise spray that is labeled to kill fleas. Spray along fence lines, under trees and bushes and around door frames. Be sure to treat areas with lots of shade.

  • Sheds, patios and crawl spaces
  • Shrubbery 2 to 3 feet tall

Fight future misery.

Once you put a stop to fleas, you can help prevent putting flea infestation on repeat. Start using a flea preventive on your pets, and use it year-round.

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