Nov. 19, 2020 -- has released what it says is the first Christmas song made exclusively for dogs.

The track is called “Raise the Woof!” and features squeaky toy sounds, barks, common commands, and bells and whistles -- all on top of a reggae beat.


“It’s based on sounds and noises dogs enjoy,” the company announced on its website. “We call it ‘waggae’ -- reggae designed to wag tails!”

According to CNN, researchers at played more than 500 sounds for a focus group of 25 dogs and studied their responses to create the song. The team also worked with a veterinarian and dog behaviorist before recording the track at Abbey Road Studios -- the same London facility where the Beatles recorded countless hits.

Previous studies have suggested that dogs really do enjoy listening to music. In fact, a recent study by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow found that dogs seemed to like reggae and soft rock the best. Researchers said they analyzed a group of shelter dogs’ heart rates and behavior while playing different genres to get the results.

An earlier study by the Scottish SPCA found that classical music helped some dogs relax -- but the effects were temporary, according to the BBC.

Science aside, some dog owners are reporting mixed responses from their furry friends after listening to “Raise the Woof!”

“I should’ve listened to it on headphones first,” one person commented on YouTube. “Now my puppy Daisy thinks she going for a walk to chase squirrels with her squeaky toys and then have dinner and a treat and it’s only 8:45! It’s going to be a long day....”

“My German Shepherd didn't really react,” commented another viewer. “She perked up at the squeaky sounds but that's about it.” says it will sell 500 special-edition vinyl copies of “Raise the Woof!” and all proceeds will go to Dudes and Dogs, an organization that supports men’s mental health.

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