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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer

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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer: One of the biggest challenges of owning a new puppy is potty training. I'm going to give Bob some tips on how to housebreak little Rosie quickly and easily. So a couple of the most important things you need to know about house training is setting a schedule—make sure you keep her on a rigorous feeding and watering schedule. When you know when it's going in…. you're going to have a better idea of when it's coming out. (Got cha) (laugh) You want to take her out about 30 minutes after she's eaten and after she's been playing. Usually when they start to play it kind of gets everything moving (yeah). And she going to need to go, I would actually even make a chart and log every single time she goes out outside. To set your puppy up to succeed, you're going to want to section off parts of the house with baby gates, to prevent your dog from having free reign of the house. You also want to start crate training immediately. Dogs are typically clean animals so using treats to create clean space in the house is a really good way to teach your dog they really do not want to potty where their eat. Alright so what we're going to do is we're going to put a leash on her …Rosie…smooch..come on girl

Bob: Sit, Sit.

Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer: So once you put the leash on, you're going to walk her around all areas of the house and you're going to drop treats on the floor for her to eat off of the floor. You're going to want to do the same exercise with their meals, take their food bowl and feed her in all areas of the house, breakfast and dinner.

Bob: Now this is an area where we've had trouble with her going potty consistently in this corner.

Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer: Then I would concentrate some extra treats in this area. You also want to become aware of whether your dog is giving you signals that they want to go out. They may go sit at the door or they may start sniffing around. You want to plan an exit strategy and always go out the same door. Don't switch it up and do front door one day and back door the next. Pick a door and always go out that same door.

Bob: Let's go Rosie….

Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer: For WebMD's One Minute Puppy Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.