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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer.

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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer: When training your big dog you're going to need some basic training equipment. If you have a dog that's not too unruly and doesn't pull too badly on the leash, I really really like a martingale collar. For safety reasons, once you've put it on your dog and attach your leash to here, it tightens up so your dog can't back out of their collar-it keeps them much safer when you're out walking.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): As far as leashes go, I like leather leashes and preferably a regular 6 foot leash is great. Today luckily leather leashes come in all these great colors and varieties. But leather leashes after using them for awhile they get softer on your hands, they're way more comfortable, and they are not going to give you rope burn.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): You're also going to need a little treat bag like this that you can attach to yourself to have treats ready at any moment.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): Stoney sit. Good job

Kate Jackson, (cont.): For the more unruly dogs I like to use a head holder like this one, but what I like most about it is that it attaches behind the dog's head and not under their chin. The dog can still drink water and bark and pant normally wearing one of these but it gives you so much more control if your dog likes to pull or gets real crazy on the leash. For WebMD's One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.