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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer.

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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer: When you arrive at a pet food store or specialty food store like City Dog Market here in Atlanta, you're hit with an overwhelming number of treats to select from. I'm going to help you select the best treats to make the training time with your dog most effective.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): First, you want to make sure you do not use dry treats. Dry treats will crumble and your dog will spend more time eating them up off the floor than they will pay attention to you.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): Second you want to make sure you use small, moist treats. A treat this small I would even break in half. Your dog is going to be getting a lot of them so make sure they are little.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): Third you're going to want to get yourself a little treat bag like this, and at any given time you should have least two or three different types of treats in zip lock bags. The reason you want to do this is if you're training with one type of treat and your dog starts to get bored, you switch to something different and suddenly you have their attention again.

Kate Jackson, (cont.): Fourth, don't try and wean your dog off treats too quickly. If you do that your dog is going to start looking to see if you have a treat and only then perform the command. For WebMD's One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.