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Q&A With 'Modern Family' Actor Eric Stonestreet

The 'Modern Family' actor is devoted to his dog. Plus, how he stands up to cancer.


Other than dog love, what relaxes you when you're stressed out?

"I have a drum set in my living room like other people might have a piece of furniture. I get some aggression out and have some cathartic time, and that helps me with stress. I know it sounds cliché, but there's no doubt that Coleman is the glue that's held me together in a lot of tough times. He's always there, he's always a willing listener, and he gives good feedback."

Is exercise part of your routine?

"I don't love jogging. When I work out it's usually with weights, and it makes me feel like I'm young again. I turned 40 and wanted to lose some weight, so between July and November, I lost 35 pounds."

What's your favorite comfort food?

"I'm not a sweets person. Every once in a while a piece of dark chocolate with an almond sounds good, but for the most part, tacos and steak sound better. I like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, and I grill a lot. Brussels sprouts are probably my favorite vegetable."

What do you always carry in your bag that goes to the set with you?

"I don't really carry a bag. We make fun of [co-star] Jesse Tyler Ferguson because he carries a bag that has everything in it, and then loses it. I go with a ball cap and my jacket and iPhone."

If everything goes well on the set and all the planets are aligned, what's your perfect schedule look like?

"Makeup time at 6:15, shooting by 7. We shoot really quick on the show; we're done before a lot of shows are even started, usually by 1:30 or 2, rarely past 5."

You're an ambassador to Stand Up to Cancer. Is that inspired by a personal connection to cancer?

"My mom is a cancer survivor twice, and I lost both my grandpas to cancer when I was young.

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Reviewed on December 15, 2012

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