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    How to Housetrain a Puppy or Kitten

    Toilet Training for Cats

    Ever wonder if you really can train a cat to use the toilet? You can! Jane Brunt, DVM, executive director of the CATalyst Council and founder/owner of the Cat Hospital at Towson in Maryland, shares these tips.

    Move your cat's litter box into the bathroom. Then, put a cardboard or plastic box inside the toilet bowl, resting it on the rim of the bowl and putting the seat down, and fill it with a couple of inches of kitty litter.

    Once your cat gets used to going on top of the toilet, replace the box with a sturdy piece of cardboard with a hole. Gradually make the hole bigger until your cat is going in the toilet bowl. Then remove the cardboard. Cat toilet training kits are also available.

    Make sure the toilet is always unoccupied when kitty wants to use it. "The lid has to be up, and it has to be accessible," says Brunt.

    Expert Tip

    "The idea with the litter box is you want your cat to go in it. You want it to be a positive thing. So we encourage people to not put the litter box in an area that might be scary." -- Jane Brunt, DVM

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    Reviewed on April 15, 2013

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