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    Miranda Lambert: Country Star, Dog Rescuer

    The singer/songwriter talks about staying healthy, her new album, and why she loves helping dogs.
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    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    On the day of her annual MuttNation Foundation benefit in Beaumont, Texas, this summer, country superstar Miranda Lambert spotted something troubling at the concert venue: "I just saw a really long staircase, so I'm worried." She took a picture of the concrete stairs leading up to the pavilion and sent it to her personal trainer before that day's exercise session. "Please tell me we're not using this," she texted him, alluding to her hunch that he would task her with running up and down the staircase on that brutally hot day. He wrote back, "Yeah, I've already seen it!"

    Such episodes are par for the course for Lambert since Nashville, Tenn., trainer Bill Crutchfield started traveling with her in January. Since then, she's changed her diet, slimmed down, and toned up -- and also developed a suspicion of the ordinary. Case in point: A park bench can be exploited for triceps dips or push-ups. A serene beach might be used for lunges. And the stairs! Lambert didn't want to even think about the workout in store for her on the stairs.

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    Lambert, 28, warned Crutchfield, who also trained her fellow country stars Trace Adkins and the Dixie Chicks, that she would complain. Let's just say she's not the kind of gal who jumps out of bed for a sunrise workout, raring to go. So she told Crutchfield that whenever she starts to whine, he should remind her of her goals. This summer, she was aiming to look her best for the Fastest Girl in Town video from her latest album, so Crutchfield responded to her objections by uttering one simple word: "video."

    Miranda Lambert's Musical Career

    Lambert knew from a young age she wanted to pursue a music career. Raised in East Texas by parents who worked as private investigators and listened to everything from Motown to Southern rock, she was constantly surrounded by music. Her father strummed the guitar around the house and taught her how to play and write songs, an effective means of communication for Lambert as a teenager. She appeared in local restaurants and in the Johnnie High's Country Music Revue, a weekly variety show in Arlington, Texas. She first charmed country music fans nationally at 19 as a finalist on the 2003 season of Nashville Star, singing "Greyhound Bound for Nowhere," which she wrote with her father.

    Today, 'Ran, as her fans call her, is known for electrifying performances and bold, fresh lyrics. In the past year, she was named Female Vocalist of the Year by both the Country Music Association (CMA) and the Academy of Country Music, and was recently nominated again for Female Vocalist of the Year by the CMA. Her most recent album, Four the Record, debuted last year atop Billboard's Top Country Albums chart, making Lambert the first artist in the chart's nearly 50-year history to have each of her first four albums debut at No. 1. She also performs in an all-Southern-girl trio called the Pistol Annies, which toured in September.

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