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    Healthy Pets

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    Miranda Lambert: Country Star, Dog Rescuer

    The singer/songwriter talks about staying healthy, her new album, and why she loves helping dogs.

    Miranda Lambert's Diet continued...

    Crutchfield feels the same way about food as he does about fitness -- that life is too short to miss out on things you enjoy. So if there's a big bag of Cheetos -- Lambert's biggest weakness -- he'll suggest she put some in a cup for herself and walk away from the bag. "Having a cup of Cheetos helps her psychologically," Crutchfield explains. "Then she won't ask for it for another two weeks. If I'd told her she couldn't have any, she probably would have taken the bag on to the bus and eaten the whole thing." Lambert also allows herself "cheat meals" (chicken-fried steak, a cheeseburger and fries, a Dairy Queen Blizzard) when she's back in Oklahoma.

    Trainer and client both joke about her resistance, which usually ends with a lot of laughs and a "thank you" text later in the day from Lambert. In Beaumont, apprehensive about the stairs, she texted Crutchfield again, saying that she only wanted to do a 30-minute workout that day. His reply: "Video." She laughed. "All right," she texted. "We'll do an hour."

    Miranda Lambert's Go-To Snacks

    1. Ketchup

    2. String cheese

    3. Unsweetened tea

    4. Milk

    5. Sprite Zero, which she mixes with Bacardi, Crystal Light, and water for her signature drink, the Randarita.

    Staying Healthy on the Road

    When you find yourself away from home, keeping up with fitness and diet routines can be a challenge. Crutchfield offers these tips for staying on top of your health regimen.

    1. "No matter who you are and where you are, think ahead. Preparation is key because we're not very good at 'I'll play it by ear.' The night before, look at your day: Do you have time to work out? Do you have a gym at the hotel? Is there a park close by? Just take your workout clothes out the night before."

    2. "Do the same thing nutritionally: Plan it out. If you anticipate a busy day, make some snacks to throw in your bag, so if you're going from one meeting or activity to another and you're hungry, you're prepared. Homemade trail mix is great. I always have a banana or apple with me."

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