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    Healthy Pets

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    Healthy Pets Holiday Gift Guide

    WebMD offers ideas for pet gifts, from dog beds to music for cats. Get your pet something healthy and useful this year.


    If you decide your dog does need something extra, a well-fitted sweater or coat can help insulate your dog’s body heat and help keep him warm.

    But once the temperature warms up or your dog comes in from the cold outdoors you can take his sweater or coat off. This will keep your dog from becoming too warm and also give you a chance to brush his coat and make sure clothing isn’t rubbing any sore spots onto his skin.

    Here are some examples:

    Snuggie for Dogs: Modeled on the fleece blanket for people, the doggie version is available for pooches of any size (

    Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece: This fleece jacket made of Polartec also includes reflectors and a side zipper (

    Crew Cut Sweater: This acrylic sweater features a turtleneck and cuffed sleeves for extra insulation (

    2. Question: Can music really calm a dog or cat and prevent carsickness? Do they even hear the music?

    Dr. Snyder says: To my knowledge, there haven’t been any studies performed in dogs or cats that scientifically evaluate the effects of music on calming nerves or preventing car sickness. However, there is plenty of evidence in humans and primates that show beneficial effects of music, so it might be possible! Dogs and cats do appear to hear and (anecdotally) respond to music. While I can’t guarantee these products will work, they are very unlikely to cause harm. If nothing else, we know music calms people, and we know our pets respond to our emotions and anxiety level. So if we keep ourselves calm by listening to music, our pets are more likely to remain calm as well.

    Here are some examples:

    DogGone Songs Travel Tunes CD: The music on this CD was composed by Thomas Schoenberg (

    Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone:

    Offers original compositions from keyboardist/composer Bradley Joseph (

    3. Question: Do you need to protect your dog’s eyes from UV damage with sunglasses? What kinds of trouble can the sun cause for your dog’s eyes?

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