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    The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Talks Canines, Kids, and Finding Balance

    How does an internationally renowned dog trainer and author stay healthy?

    You recently turned 40. That's a milestone, even if it's not in dog years. How do you feel about getting older?

    I don't think about it. My stamina today is exactly the same as it was when I jumped the border in 1990. And you have to have a lot of stamina to get across.

    How -- and how often -- do you break away from the pack? What do you like to do when you are by yourself?

    Like dogs, I'm a pack animal. If I'm not with my canine pack, I'm with my human pack -- or even better, with both species! To me, that's ideal, being with my dogs and my family. When it's just me and the dogs, I like to take walks around my ranch in Santa Clarita. I really enjoy being out with the dogs in nature. And when it's just me? I love to plant trees. We have 43 acres, and for me to get on a John Deere and to get down and dirty -- it reminds me of home. I can be out there forever, completely relaxed.

    What's your favorite food?

    I love food. I have not said no to any food. But if I had to pick a favorite? Ceviche: You never get fat, you never go wrong. It makes me happy just to think about it.

    What's one of your guilty pleasures?

    It would be having a facial and a massage all in one day. It feels good, but I feel guilty because I could be using that time to help a dog or be with my family.

    One of my favorite quotes is, "We're the only species that will follow an unstable pack leader." What's a lesson that everyone can -- and should -- learn from dogs?

    You hear so many politicians telling you that, "I'm doing this for my country." Until they get elected. Then it's clear they are only doing it for themselves. A real pack leader does everything for the pack. Everybody needs him, and he needs everybody. It is a basic way of being connected.

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    Reviewed on February 15, 2010

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