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Healthy Pets

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How to Stop Your Pet's Bad Habits

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping continued...

Or continue to walk into the house and straight into the dog. "It throws them off balance, and you're not giving them attention," Beaver says. "Even eye contact is a reward. Just keep walking, look straight ahead, and don't touch them."

If your dog will sit on command, ignore the jumping and say only "no" and "sit," Beaver recommends. When the dog sits, you can pet her. "They'll learn that the way to get attention is by sitting and eventually sit by themselves. It really doesn't take very long if you're consistent," she says. "Even when visitors come, someone has to be there to tell the dog to sit."

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching

Consider the source. Give your cat a scratching surface similar in texture to the surface she prefers. If she likes the carpet, she may prefer a horizontal surface rather than a post.

Provide alternatives. Put toys, treats, or catnip on top of the scratching post or surface, which will help your cat learn to prefer those scratching tools.

Create a scratching space. Confine your cat with her scratching carpet or post to a small carpeted area that you cover with a plastic office mat.

Give them a trim. Clip your cat's nails to lessen some of the damage of scratching.

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Reviewed on November 14, 2013

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