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Learn about the Company behind the Pet Food

Learn about the Company behind the Pet Food

Purina loves pets as much as you do. Their passion for pets goes beyond advancing pet nutrition, and into forging partnerships in the pet welfare world and raising awareness of what pets truly need. You can tell from the moment you walk in the door that their world revolves around pets, whether you're seeing the art on the walls or the many cats and dogs that employees bring to work every day.

A Culture Driven By Love of Pets

For over 80 years, they've been guided by the belief that pets and people are better together. Their quest to drive pet nutrition forward and conduct industry-leading research on the wellbeing of pets pushes their company to do more year after year. They work hard for your pets every day, and they love doing it.

We Know What Your Dog Needs to Be Healthy

With more than eighty years of experience in the pet food industry, Purina is a global leader in pet nutrition research. That's why it's their priority to help dog owners understand just what their dogs need. Find answers to all your common questions at Understanding Dog Food, and reach out to Purina with your questions.

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