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Healthy Dogs

Expert Q&As

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WebMD went to the experts for answers to questions about everything from spaying and neutering to microchips to advances in cancer treatment for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn which breeds do best in families with young children.

What you need to know before you leave your dog for a day of play or an overnight stay.

And more tips for keeping your dog looking good.

A vet answers common questions about spaying and neutering.

An anxious dog is a destructive dog. Learn how to quell his anxiety.

Learn about cutting-edge treatments for cancer in dogs.

An expert discusses the latest treatments for arthritis in dogs.

Could your dog have a food allergy? How to tell and what  to do.

What you need to know to keep your dog free of pesky parasites.

How much do you really know about heartworms?

Elderly dogs need special care: Get expert tips.

This could be the answer to your dog’s health care needs.

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