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Pomeranian 101 - Dog Breed Info

By Josh Loposer
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Dog Breed:

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According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, the pomeranian is a "cocky, animated companion with an extroverted personality. This compact little dog is an active toy breed with an alert character and fox-like expression." The American Pomeranian Club adds that this "active," "cocky," and "alert," breed makes for " great companion dog as well as a competitive show dog."


Pomeranians are "generally very easy to maintain in beautiful condition," states the APC, "Taking just a few minutes to brush out any shedding coat a couple of times each week avoids matting." The AKC concurs, stating that pomeranians "possess a thick double coat, which needs to be brushed on a regular basis."

Common Health Issues:

Training Tips:

"The pom is a very intelligent dog, but also very active," says Alisa Chagnon, owner of PetPom, "For this reason, training will go much better if an owner has time to devote to repetition." Chagnon also strongly suggests that owners train their pomeranian using a harness rather than a leash to avoid damaging their pup's trachea.

Best Animal/Owner Match:

Since the pomeranian is a "true lap dog," says Chagnon, "the best owner is one who has time in his or her day to devote to this dog. A daily walk is vital. This breed does not do well when left home alone for long periods, as separation anxiety may occur." In addition, Chagnon tells Paw Nation that "this small dog does best in homes without very small children. This is due to the pom's size. If a child drops this dog by accident or plays too roughly, the pom can be injured easily." 

What Pomeranian Owners Say:

Paw Nation Facebook friend Kim Hester Carnagey says of her pom, "I have a black pomeranian and he is the best dog I've ever had. He will be 10 years old in July. He is smart and he is the best companion anyone could ever have."


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