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Healthy Dogs

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Healthy Dogs Gift Guide

Veterinarians share their gift picks for dogs.

Soothers and Other Behavioral Products continued...

Thundershirt: The snug-fitting Thundershirt is marketed to calm anxious or hyperactive dogs by exerting gentle pressure, similar to swaddling a baby. Reports about its effectiveness are anecdotal. A Doberman pinscher  with moderate thunderstorm and noise anxiety wore the garment one rainy day, and "this did seem to help," Stickney said. "The dog was much more relaxed, and ... she was actually able to shut her eyes and sleep instead of trembling and being wrapped around the owner's leg."

Disposable Booties (made by Simple Solution):Keep your dog's paws clean on rainy days with these waterproof foot covers. They took a little maneuvering to cinch around the dog's ankles, but once they were on, "we were really impressed with how they work," Stickney says.

Stickney's dog's feet stayed dry even after walking through a puddle, and when they went back in the house, "I didn't have little wet dog footprints all over the place and on the furniture."

Food Treats

Oral Care Dog Treats (made by Pedigree GoodBites): Dental treats claim to scrape tartar and plaque from your dog's teeth when chewed. These bite-sized treats with a crunchy outside and meaty middle seemed to do the job, Stickney says.

"The dogs we tested liked them and their breath smelled better afterward," Stickney says. "There's no substitute for regular dental cleanings from your vet and daily brushing of your dog's teeth, but this is a good treat to help maintain good oral health."

Spinz interactive chew-toy (made by Precision Pets):A toy you can eat: what more could a dog want? These twisty, bouncy chew toys with textured knobs are totally edible and will keep your pooch playing and gnawing for hours. "I like this product because it provided entertainment for the dogs as well as being a fun treat for them to eat when they were done playing with it," Scott says.

Mini's Flavor Snacks (made by Milk-Bone):Six out of seven little dogs agree: These tiny dog biscuits are a yummy treat, Stickney says. Each bite-sized treat is just 5 calories, which "makes it easy to keep track of your dog's snack intake so you don't overfeed them."

Reviewed on October 26, 2011

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