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    Healthy Dogs

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    Healthy Dogs Gift Guide

    Veterinarians share their gift picks for dogs.


    Magic Coat Hair Remover (made by Four Paws): This sponge-shaped product lives up to its claims that it will "magically" remove hair from pet beds, furniture, and clothing, Scott says. No time to vacuum? Just wipe and watch the fur disappear.

    "We all love to snuggle with our pets, but they often leave a furry mess behind on our clothing. This product allows owners to continue to snuggle without having concerns that we'll be taking our pet's fur along with us," Scott says.

    Waterless Spray Shampoo (made by Top Paw): Hate to give your dog a bath? This waterless shampoo will get your dog "clean and smelling good" without making her set foot in the tub, Stickney says.

    "If you've got company coming over and want your dog to smell nice, you can do this really quickly. Spray it all over them, rub it in their fur and you're done."

    Extreme Deodorizing Shampoo (made by Kong): Keep this purple bottle on hand "for extreme emergencies," and you'll always have a great-smelling dog, Stickney says. The shampoo "worked great" on a couple of dogs that had been rolling around in a deer carcass, he says.

    "If I've got a dog that I know is going to roll in the mud, jump in the pond, and get himself smelling bad, this will clean him right up and he'll smell great for days afterward," Stickney says.

    Soothers and Other Behavioral Products

    Fooey! Ultra-Bitter Spray (SynergyLabs): It may not be the most enjoyable holiday present for your dog, but this bad-tasting spray is an effective tool to stop pets from destructively chewing or licking the furniture or themselves, Scott says.

    Scott tested the spray on a dog that licked her feet so excessively that she would make sores on her skin.

    "We sprayed this and it definitely worked -- she didn't like the taste and stopped licking her feet nearly as often," she says. "It may not be a fun toy, but can help improve bad behaviors."

    Slow-Feed Plastic Bowl (made by Petco): Some dogs scarf down their food or water so fast they make themselves sick. The slow-feed bowl features plastic ridges that force your pet to do a bit of maneuvering to get the contents.

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