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German Shorthaired Pointer 101-Dog Breed Info

By Josh Loposer
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Dog Breed:

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German Shorthaired Pointer


The American Kennel Club breed standard describes German shorthaired pointers as "friendly, intelligent and willing to please. The first impression is that of a keen enthusiasm for work without indication of nervous or flighty character." The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America agrees, saying the breed is "eager to please and willing to learn at relatively young ages." This is a relatively high-energy breed, with instincts that should be channeled. 


"Maintenance of the GSP is minimal compared with many other breeds," states the GSPCA website. However, they do emphasize that "being short-coated dogs does not keep them from shedding." To cut down on shedding, the GSPCA recommends regular brushing and bathing.

Common Heath Issues:

German shorthaired pointers are relatively free of any common health issues, but the GSPCA does recommend health clearances for a few rare ailments like hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and cone degeneration.

Training Tips:

"Training tips are really the same as they are for any breed: Be consistent and provide structure," says Kristen Pauls Ishihara, State Coordinator for Texas GSP Rescue, "Many GSPs will require a great deal of recall work before they can be trusted off-leash, as they are very focused, and can focus that energy on darting squirrel." Another important training factor is managing the breed's high energy level. "Failure to provide that exercise can lead to bad behaviors, like destroying inappropriate items, fence jumping, etc." explains Ishihara.

Best Animal/Owner Match:

"The best type of owner for a GSP is an active one." says Ishihara, "Prospective owners should really be prepared for the amount of exercise and activity that a GSP requires." Ishihara also emphasizes that these dogs need to be near their owners at all times, aka the "velcro dog" phenomenon. "They are not an appropriate choice for an outdoor home."

What German Shorthaired Pointer Owners Say:

Paw Nation Facebook  friend David W. Walters says "I love my GSP. She is by far the best breed we have ever owned. Best hunting dog of all time and ours stays out of trouble. She wouldn't take food off the floor unless you told her OK!" 




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