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Quiz: Dog Breed Guessing Game

How well do you know your dog breeds? Test your smarts.

  1. Appearing on Egyptian monuments as long as 5,000 years ago, this brawny dog can weigh in at nearly 200 pounds, yet is a gentle, dignified canine and a devoted guardian.
  2. In Tibet, some believed that when Buddhist priests died, their souls entered the bodies of these small, venerated dogs. Though a petite 10 to 15 pounds, these long-haired canines are tough cookies, independent and bold.
  3. Many people think of this friendly pooch as the ideal canine companion. Devoted, athletic, and strong, this pup has a water-repellent coat and a love of exercise and human interaction.
  4. Also called lion or fu dogs, these pint-sized pups were often treated as royalty more than 1,000 years ago and were considered sacred. They are opinionated, good-natured, and tend to snore.
  5. In its past, this athletic dog has been a trail hound, retriever, war dog, ratter, and a shepherd. Tireless and playful, this short-coated pup adores running and roaming and is the only spotted breed.
  6. Tough, strong, and initially bred to enter burrows and dispatch rabbits, badgers, and other small mammals, these dogs have now found their niche as family pets and may be one of the most popular hounds in the U.S.
  7. Originally this dog's job was to travel the hot, wide Australian outback and bring wild cattle to heel. Smart, tenacious, and energetic, this canine is great company for joggers, runners, and other active types.
  8. This smart, curly-coated dog started out as a water retriever in Germany, revered for its duck-hunting abilities. Later it was pressed into service as a military or guard dog, going on to eventually became the national dog of France.
  9. This smooth-coated beauty just may be today's most popular pooch. Though they started as water dogs, this amiable, social breed is now beloved by families everywhere.
  10. Known as the dog that can "do it all," this well-rounded pooch started as a guard dog, messenger, pest controller, and hunter. Active and smart, this mid-sized, wiry-haired canine is recognized as a good police dog and family pet.

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