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In a recent national study, the majority of pet owners said their dog or cat has anxiety problems.1 Pets are family and you want to provide them with a happy, stress-free home. It's helpful to establish a quiet, safe spot where your pet can retreat, like a crate or cozy bed. But, separation anxiety, thunderstorms and travel can still cause your pet stress. Your pet may display stress through whining, nervous licking and destructive behavior.

Pheromones can help. Did you know four out of five veterinarians recommend pheromones to reduce stress in pets?2 SENTRY® Good Behavior offers pheromone products that can help your pet cope with stress.

Four out of five veterinarians recommend pheromones to reduce stress in pets.2

First, it's important to consider your pet's stressful situation to figure out which product will work best.


Is the behavior caused by a short-term or temporary situation?

Travel, vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks and other loud noises are examples of short-term situations where your pet may experience stress. SENTRY® Good Behavior Calming Ointment, Calming Sprays and Calming Toys provide nurturing pheromones that help pets feel safe and secure.

dog home alone

Is the behavior caused by a long-term or chronic situation?

Separation anxiety, being home alone or a new environment can be very stressful for pets. Long-term stress can be managed with SENTRY® Good Behavior Calming Collars and Diffusers. Both products provide drug-free comfort to pets.

training issue

Is the behavior a training issue?

Just like children, pets can show stress through misbehavior. Luckily, for pet parents there is an easy-to-use and effective solution. SENTRY® Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray delivers a pheromone with an audible hiss of air. The spray interrupts undesirable behavior and allows pet parents to redirect their pets. This dual-action approach is an effective training tool for dogs and cats with unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking/meowing, pulling on leash and jumping up.

Rest assured, SENTRY® Good Behavior products are drug-free, pheromone-based solutions to help your pets feel safe and secure during periods of stress.

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