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    Kittens require special care and attention, especially if they have been separated from their mother. If you've adopted a kitten, it's your job to keep your new feline friend safe, warm, and fed. You'll also need to tackle some more challenging tasks, like showing the kitten how to actually go to the bathroom and where. Remember to be gentle with your new kitten. Sure, it's tempting to cuddle your new pet, but squeezing too hard can hurt a growing kitty. Follow the links below to find WebMD's comprehensive coverage about the dos and don'ts of kitten care, from cat food tips to stop scratching tricks, and much more.

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    Thumbnail: Feeding Your Kitten: Kitten Food and Treats Basics

    WebMD discusses the basics of feeding your kitten, offers tips for food selections, and describes the differences in nutritional needs between kittens and adult cats.

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