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    Healthy Cats

    Preventive Care

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    It's your job to keep your cat healthy and safe. Get the facts about grooming, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and safety.


    Regular brushing maximizes shine and minimizes hairballs.

    Why cats get hairballs, and how to keep them to a minimum.

    How to tell if it's a problem, and when to see a vet.

    A few basic maintenance tips should keep her ears in good shape.

    10 tips for keeping your cat's eyes clean and healthy.

    Take the stress out of nailtrimming with these tips.

    Spotting gum disease, brushing your cat's teeth, and more.

    Factors to consider when shopping for kitty litter.

    Fleas and Ticks

    Spot medications, shampoos, collars: How flea and tick treatments work.

    Other Care

    Why cats fall from high places, and how to keep your cat safe.

    Keep kitty's feet looking and feeling good.

    Could you have a toxin in your home and not even know it?


    Core vaccinations are recommended for all cats. Find out what your cat needs and when.

    Find out which vaccines may cause tumors, and why.

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