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    Cat Breeders: Choosing the Best Kitten for Your Family

    Check out WebMD’s tips of what to look for and how to know if the kitten is right for you.


    Q: Will someone who breeds cats to show sell me a kitten if I don’t want to show it?

    A: Absolutely. They will require you to neuter or spay the kitten, but they will sell you a kitten. The whole idea behind breeding is you’re breeding to a standard. And certainly, a high percentage of the kittens that are bred are not going to be perfect specimens of that breed, so breeders are happy to sell them as pets.

    Q: What questions should I ask to determine if someone is a good breeder?

    A: How long have they been breeding? Do they show their cats? Do their cats have any titles? What breeds do they work with? Good breeders may not show all the time, but they’re still concerned with improving the breed and that’s what they’re breeding for, not just to sell kittens.

    Q: Should I go to the breeder’s home to see the kittens? And what should I look for when I get there to be sure the kittens are healthy?

    A: Today’s environment has changed a lot and many breeders are hesitant to have someone come to their home. Also, because of the Internet, more and more people are purchasing kittens from longer distances, so it may not be possible to go to a breeder’s home.

    But if you can, you should look for a clean home and well cared for cats with no runny eyes or noses. They shouldn’t be sneezing a lot or lethargic. They shouldn’t look sick. There may be an odor, because there’s more cat food in a cattery than a home, and whole, male breeding cats do spray, and that’s a very tough odor to control.

    Q: How can I tell if the kitten I like has been socialized correctly?

    A: They should have no fear of a person. They may not run up to you like a puppy, but they should certainly seem interested. They should be active. You don’t want a kitten that’s lethargic and just lying there. Most kittens are very playful, regardless of the breed.

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