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Which Cat Breed Is Right for You?

Popular Cat Breeds and Their Traits continued...

Kidney and heart problems are prevalent in some lines, and their flattened faces can cause breathing and eating problems as well as eye and teeth issues. “The shorter the nose, the more problems they have,” Letrisa Miller says.

Joan Miller says that although Persians shed, they don’t shed as much as some shorthaired breeds because their coats are made up of three different types of hairs.

2. Exotic. The Exotic is often called a shorthaired Persian. It has the same body build as the Persian, but with a short, dense coat that makes grooming much easier. Like the Persian, it has a quiet personality, is low-energy, and likes to be around people.

Because the Exotic has the same facial build, it can have many of the same problems caused by a flat face, including breathing and eating problems as well as eye and dental issues. They also shed a bit more than Persians.

3. Maine Coon. This large breed of cat is growing in popularity and could soon replace the Persian as the most popular breed. The Maine Coon tends to be larger than most breeds, with males sometimes topping 20 pounds. A one-time barn cat, they are known to be friendly, outgoing, playful but not hyper, smart, and easily trained. People-oriented, Maine Coons usually do well even with young children and dogs. They’re also known for the odd, almost chirping sound they make.

Because they are longhaired, Maine Coons should be groomed weekly, and they do shed quite a bit. Common health problems include heart disease and hip dysplasia.

4. Siamese. One of the oldest breeds, Siamese cats are long, lean, and athletic and have a high energy level. They love to climb and observe the world from high places, so perches or cat trees are a must. They are the talkers of the cat world, often carrying on conversations with their owners.

A very demanding cat in need of constant attention, they do best when kept with other Siamese cats. They like interacting with people and often become attached to one person over others.

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