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Healthy Cats

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Healthy Cats Gift Guide

Veterinarians share their gift picks for cats.

Soothers or Other Behavior Products

At Ease aromatherapy spray (made by WhiskerCity): The makers of this aromatherapy spray claim it creates "a calming environment for cats who are stressed," and Stickney found it to be "surprisingly effective" for relaxing an anxious cat, keeping the peace in a multi-animal household, or confining the animal to a certain area of the house.

"The cat wanted to be wherever the stuff was sprayed," even when that was next to a dog, Stickney says. "Any situation where a cat would be anxious, this would be great to make them happy."

Waterfall Cat Fountain (made by Petco): Got a cat that should drink more water? The waterfall fountain is a water bowl that makes the water trickle and bubble, attracting your cat to drink more than they would from a stagnant bowl.

"I would recommend this to owners who had cats who had medical problems where they need to drink a lot of water, or any owner who wants to improve their cat's water drinking experience," Scott says.

Easy Life Scratch Snuggle and Rest (made by Petstages): This oversized cardboard bowl triples as a scratching post, resting spot and entertainment zone for your favorite feline, Scott says. The product comes with catnip that you can sprinkle between the pieces of cardboard, alluring cats to scratch the material and rub their faces in it.

"This is a great gift for several reasons," Scott says. "It gives the cat a little bed where they can lay, and it's also a scratching post for cats who need something to scratch beyond the owner's furniture. And it can be a fun toy."


Food Treats

Cat Grass Plus (made by Gimpet): Now indoor cats can smell and eat the grass they naturally crave without ever stepping outside. Just add water to the Cat Grass Plus container, and in less than a week, you've got a "lush bed of grass that's safe for them to eat," Scott says. The tub contains a blend of barley, oat, and/or wheat grass seeds.

The product is a great bet for families with young kids, who will delight in watching the grass grow, Scott says, "and it allows cats to literally taste a little bit of the outside world."

Friskies Crispies (made by Friskies): Cats couldn't get enough of these crunchy star-shaped treats that come in chicken, salmon, and cheese flavors, Stickney says.

"Once they got one, they kept circling around the owner to try to get more," he says. "If the cat is hiding under the bed, I could take the little bag and crinkle it and the cat would probably come running."

Whisker Lickin's Tender Moments (made by Purina): The cats that tested these chewable treats loved them so much they broke into the pantry and tore open the bag to get more, Stickney says.

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