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Weakness and Paralysis in Cats

Spinal Cord Injuries continued...

Protect the cat’s spine. Use a blanket or towel to lift her onto a flat surface, such a board, before transporting.

Treatment: All spinal cord injuries require immediate veterinary attention. A cat with spinal cord trauma may also have other life-threatening injuries that take precedence. All cats who are unconscious or unable to stand should be considered to have spinal cord injury and must be handled with great care to protect the spine.

At the scene of the accident, move the cat as gently as possible onto a rigid, flat surface, such as a plywood board or a folded-down cardboard box, and transport to the nearest veterinary clinic. Sliding the cat onto a blanket or large towel and lifting the corners is a satisfactory way of transporting the cat if no board is available.

Spinal cord injuries are treated at the veterinary hospital with corticosteroids and diuretics to prevent the cord from further swelling. A cat with a mild contusion or bruising of the spinal cord will begin to recover in a few days. However, if the cord has been severed, it cannot regenerate and paralysis will be permanent.

Protruding Discs

Protruding discs are common in older cats but seldom produce weakness or paralysis as they do in dogs. They may cause pain. Most are the result of trauma. There is an increase in the incidence of disc damage with age, and ruptured discs are primarily seen in cats over 15 years of age.

Treatment: Treatment may include pain relief and/or surgery for severe cases.

WebMD Veterinary Reference from "Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook"

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