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Pregnancy and Gestation in Cats

Gestation is the period from conception to birth. From the first day of a successful mating, it averages 65 days. Kittens born from day 63 to day 69 fall within the normal range. Siamese cats may carry their kittens 71 days. However, if the kittens are born before day 60, they usually will be too immature to survive.

The uterus of a cat has two horns that are connected to the central uterine cavity. The cervix is the outlet to the vaginal birth canal. Developing kittens, encircled by their placentas, lie within the uterine horns.

Determining Pregnancy

At present, there is no early pregnancy detection test available for cats the way there is for people. During the first few weeks of gestation, few signs are detectable except for a slight gain in weight. Abdominal ultrasound done by an experienced evaluator may detect pregnancy as early as day 15. Fetal heartbeats, detectable at day 20, provide absolute indications of life.

The cat’s uterus is Y-shaped with a horn on each side. The kittens grow and develop in the uterine horns. Twenty days after conception, the growing embryos can be felt by abdominal palpation as evenly spaced swellings about the size of unshelled peanuts. Palpating the queen’s abdomen requires experience and gentleness, and should only be done by a veterinarian or an experienced breeder. There are also other structures in the abdomen that may feel lumpy. Excessive poking and prodding can damage the fetal-placental units and cause a miscarriage.

Cats occasionally suffer from morning sickness. This usually happens during the third to fourth week of pregnancy and is due to hormonal changes and the stretching and distention of the uterus. You may notice that your queen appears apathetic. She may be off her food and vomit from time to time. Morning sickness lasts only a few days. Unless you are particularly attentive, you may not even notice it. If your cat goes more than two days without eating or is not drinking, you should have her evaluated by your veterinarian.

The Witness Pregnancy Detection Kit, which was designed to detect the hormone relaxin in dogs, can also be used for cats to detect pregnancy after about 30 days.

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