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    Constipation in Cats: Symptoms and Treatment

    Which Cats Are Susceptible to Constipation?

    Elderly pets often suffer from infrequent or difficult bowel movements. However, the condition can occur in any cat who doesn’t eat adequate fiber, get enough water or exercise, or suffers from one or more of the causes of constipation.

    Can Constipation Hint at Larger Health Problems?

    Yes. Constipation should always be investigated, as it can be a symptom of diabetes, an obstruction of the rectum or a hernia.

    How Can I Prevent My Cat from Becoming Constipated?

    Feed your cat a high quality diet with minimal treats, provide access all day to clean, fresh water and make sure she gets exercise. Brushing your cat regularly will minimize chances of hairballs, which can lead to constipation.

    What Can Happen if Constipation Goes Untreated?

    If your cat’s constipation is not alleviated, obstipation-the inability to empty her colon on her own-can occur. In this state, the colon is packed with an uncomfortably large amount of feces, causing unproductive straining, lethargy, appetite loss and possibly even vomiting. This can result in the swelling of your cat’s colon and loss of the colon’s motility.

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