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    De-Flea Your Home

    A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day! Those smooth eggs can roll right off your cat and onto your carpet. Give them the chance to hatch, and you'll have a full-blown flea infestation on your hands.

    No matter how much you hate cleaning, this is one time you'll appreciate the result:

    Vacuum every day. Clean the carpets, cushioned furniture, and cracks and crevices in the floor to suck up any eggs before they can hatch into a real-life flea circus. You'll also get rid of live fleas that way. Just don’t forget to throw away the vacuum’s bag or wash out its canister.

    Wash at least once a week. Strip off any bedding, sofa covers, and other fabrics your pet has touched and throw them straight into the washing machine. Use hot water so no bugs will survive the wash cycle.

    Treat Stubborn Fleas

    Fleas that stubbornly stick around despite treatment may call for more serious measures.

    • Clear the decks. Take all pets and family members out of the house, and then coat carpets and other surfaces with a flea spray. Sprays that work the best contain the ingredient methoprene or pyriproxyfen. If you’re worried about chemicals in the house, try a natural citrus spray. Keep pets, kids, and everyone else away until all surfaces have dried.
    • Make sure all your pets are treated.
    • Call a flea expert. If fleas decide to take up permanent residence, you might need an exterminator to address the problem.

    Even in large numbers, fleas are tiny and pretty easy to kill. After a few weeks of thorough cleaning, they should stop bugging your cat -- and you.